Dr. Julie’s Answers to Questions Revealed Here!



First car?

Convertible VW Bug

Hobbies? I like to do anything in or on the water; waterskiing, swimming, sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding – I love it all. I also like to paint, read fun books, watch movies, and hang out with my family and our crazy cats.

Most unusual item in your desk drawer? I have a great specimen of fake vomit. I also have a shark tooth. Thats unusual, right?

Favorite vacation? I love going Up North but I have to say the most fun and adventurous vacation I have taken is backpacking through Spain.

Item on your bucket list? Travel to as many continents as possible. I really love to experience new places, people and cultures.

Do you have any pets? Yep! I have two cats, Beaker and Bunsen. Beaker has some trouble with feeling very very scared sometimes, while Bunsen has trouble with feeling very very angry. They pretend to not like each other but I sometimes catch them cuddling.