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As an adult who has been gifted all of your life, you know that there are many challenges you must face on a daily basis. It can be very frustrating when your brain processes information faster than most people. You must exercise a lot of self-control and patience as others catch up to what you already know or have figured out. Your close family and friends may see you are moody, impatient, opinionated, and perfectionistic. Your hyper-focus on things that you are interested in may cause others to see you as too detailed and obsessive. Others may not realize how much you worry about things and how sensitive you are.

Testing will help determine whether your intelligence falls into the gifted category. If it does, you can join MENSA or other organizations of like-minded individuals for help and support. If you are interested in a testing evaluation for giftedness, please contact us or go to the Gifted Evaluations tab under Neuropsych Testing on our website for more information.

Individual therapy using Cognitive Behavioral Treatment strategies are very effective at addressing many of the behavioral and emotional struggles you face. Our clinicians who specialize in working with gifted adults will help you to use strategies to better regulate your mood, perfectionism, and behavior. You will feel more calm and content and your productivity and relationships will improve. Therapy is solution-focused and often short-term.