Learning Disability/ Differences

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Learning Disability/ Differences

If you have been diagnosed with a Learning Disability such as ADHD, Dyslexia, Writing Disability, Dysgraphia, Math Disability, Nonverbal Learning Disability, you know that life is a struggle. What seems to come easy to others is difficult for you. Perhaps you do not have a formal diagnosis, but you have always struggled in school. Now, as an adult in college or thinking about college, you may be worried that you will not be successful in getting a degree or the career that you want.

We have been working with college students and adults struggling in school or work environments for over 25 years. We have developed a comprehensive intervention approach that will really work to help you reach your highest potential. We can help you obtain specialized instruction, use of assistive technology, and academic support through your college or university. There are many things available after high school to assist students who have learning disabilities. We are very familiar with the procedures for tapping into these resources and we can help you. Do not let your learning disability or struggles with school prevent you from achieving your career goals. The sooner we get this plan in place, then better. Do not wait to schedule that initial consultation appointment. We are looking forward to discussing your situation and beginning to develop your road map of success.