Behavior Problems

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Behavior Problems

Raising a child with behavior problem can be extremely challenging and exhausting. When every little thing can turn into a drawn out battle or meltdown, it can be difficult to get through the day. Your child may have difficulties with transitions, accepting the word “no” or being told what to do. At times children are also struggling in school and you may be getting regular calls or emails from your child’s teacher about their problematic behavior in the classroom. Sometimes, strong-willed children behave well in school or in other places, but seem to come unglued once they get home. The constant battles and meltdowns leave you and other family members to feel as if you are “walking on eggshells”, trying to avoid setting off a tantrum. The problem behaviors seem to set the tone of the entire family, siblings become frustrated or, worse yet, copy their problematic behavior. Fights emerge more often between you and your partner when each of you are trying different approaches to get control of your child’s behavior, none of which seem to be effective. You may feel isolated and alone when you see other well-behaved children or notice comments or stares from other people who seem to be critical of you as the parent. You, yourself, never imagined that you would be the type of parent who ignores some of the bad behavior or words that come out of your child’s mouth to avoid yet another battle.

We specialize in children with behavior problems of all kinds. After we first fully understand the underlying cause of the behavior, we will develop a treatment plan that will work quickly to reduce the problem behaviors. By using Behavioral Therapy techniques, we will help you learn parenting strategies specific to addressing the behaviors you want to change. We will help your child develop skills to be able to tolerate adults being in charge. Your child will be better-behaved and you will be happier. Behavior treatment is highly successful and usually short-term.