Chronic Illness

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Chronic Illness

If your child has a chronic health problem, you know the devastating effects it is had on your child’s daily life. Getting to school can be a challenge and the work piles up after too many days absent. A day can start out as a “good day” and 2 hours later, you are getting a call from the school to pick him/her up because they don’t feel well.

Chronic pain and distress from migraines, stomachaches, asthma and diabetes are familiar to many children. The effects of these conditions can lead to parental exhaustion and despair and childhood depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and social withdrawal. It saddens you as a parent to watch your child sit on the sidelines of sports they wish they could play or activities they wish they could do. They may miss birthday parties or can’t fully participate in the fun their peers are having, leading to further loneliness and isolation.

We have worked with many children who have chronic health conditions over the years. Our doctors have received advanced specialized training in pediatric psychology at University of Florida/Shands Hospital, one the leading medical centers for childhood pain disorders. As a result, we are able to bring the most effective and advanced psychological treatments to your child. Through treatment using cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness techniques, we have watched many children grow to live happy, well-balanced lives. Individual psychotherapy is a necessary component to give you and your child the support you need from professionals like us who understand your struggles. We will teach you and your child effective strategies to manage pain, depression and anxiety. We will help your child to live the life they deserve.