Death of a Friend

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Death of a Friend

Losing a friend as a child is very very difficult. It hits close to home and your child is not only intensely grieving the loss of their friend , but they are also faced with the realization that young people their age can die. It is a totally different level of pain and grief than they have ever experienced. They desperately want to speak to their friend again and they can’t.

Children who lose a friend are at higher risk for depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide. They may not talk openly about their feelings making it difficult to know how well they are coping. We specialize in igrief during childhood and we are able to evaluate and monitor their functioning as they go through the grieving process. Through empirically proven treatments such as Play Therapy and Cognitive- Behavioral Therapy (CBT), we will monitor your child’s functioning and they will feel better and get some relief. We will give you advice on what to do at home to help your child get through this difficult time.