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Most people think that having a gifted child is wonderful and that parents of gifted children must have it easy. Yes, gifted children are wonderful, but parenting a gifted child can be very challenging. Your child is so smart, but may ask constant questions, act without thinking, or is moody and explosive. He/she may be so bossy or has difficulty when things do not go exactly the way he/she thinks they should go. Gifted children often get so focused on something they are interested in and it is hard to get them to transition to something else. They can be argumentative and always looking for a way to outsmart you. Often they worry a lot and their feelings are easily hurt. If some or all of these behaviors sound like your child, you may have a gifted child.

Testing will help determine whether these behaviors are due to giftedness or may be a sign of something else. If you are interested in a testing evaluation for giftedness, please contact us or go to the Gifted Evaluations tab under Neuropsych Testing on our website for more information.

Individual therapy using Cognitive Behavioral Treatment strategies are very effective at addressing many of the behavioral and emotional struggles that gifted children face. Our clinicians who specialize in working with gifted children will help you and your child to use strategies to better regulate their mood, perfectionism, and behavior. Therapy is solution-focused and often short-term.



We specialize in Gifted evaluations and therapy and are highly respected and actively sought out to speak to schools and parent groups on this topic in the community.