Self-esteem/Self- confidence

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Self-esteem/Self- confidence

Low self-esteem/ low self-confidence in children may be because of an underlying condition such as a learning disability or social skills weakness. If your child is engaging in behaviors such as bullying, excessive lying, giving up easily, cheating, or stealing, he/she may be suffering from low self-esteem. Your child may be finding it difficult to have fun. Many children with low self-esteem who are not bullies, end up in the role of a victim and present as excessively shy and timid.

As a parent, you likely have showered your child with love, care, praise and positive reinforcement and it may be confusing as to why your child is showing signs of low self-esteem/self-confidence. Or perhaps, their other parent or caretaker has taken more of an authoritative role to parenting and you wonder if this has caused your child to be insecure or act out in other ways. Your child may be struggling with friendships, underachieving at school, depression, or anxiety.

Low self-esteem/self-confidence can lead to a host of problems during the teen years such as promiscuity, substance use, date rape, and pregnancy. It is very important that you get help for your child now before it begins to affect even more aspects of his/her life. First we will figure out if there is an underlying problem contributing to the low self-esteem/self-confidence and if there is, develop a plan to address it. Individual therapy, along with parent coaching in strategies to use at home to supplement treatment, is highly effective for improving a child’s self-esteem/self-confidence. With advances in treatment approaches using components of Cognitive-Behavioral, Interpersonal and Dialectical Behavioral treatment, your child will feel better about themselves and his/her behavior will improve. Children love to come into our child-friendly office and often enjoy the sessions with their therapist.