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Self Esteem

Since low self-esteem and low self-confidence are often common during the teenage years, it is hard to know if it is more of a problem for your teen as compared to his/her peers. Girls at this age in particular are prone to insecurity about their bodies. If your teen is becoming more insecure, unhappy, unmotivated, angry or withdrawn, low self-esteem/self-confidence may be the reason. Your child who was once ready to take on the world is now holding back more in fear of making mistakes and seem to be needing more reassurance.

Your teen may be struggling with friendships, underachieving at school, depression, and anxiety. Low self-esteem/self-confidence can lead to a host of problems during the teen years such as promiscuity, substance use, date rape, and pregnancy.

Many teens suffer from low self-esteem/self-confidence. It is very important that you get help for your teen now before it begins to affect even more aspects of his/her life. Individual therapy is highly effective for these conditions. With advances in treatment approaches using components of Cognitive-Behavioral, Interpersonal and Dialectical Behavioral treatment, your teen will feel better about themselves and things will improve in many aspects of their life. If your teen is resistant to coming in to meet with us, it is perfectly acceptable for you to come in by yourself to discuss your concerns with one of our expert clinicians. We can help you to help your child.