Sibling Conflict

Sibling Conflict

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As a parent is it extremely difficult to watch your children (who you love more that anything in the world) not get along. The fighting, arguing, name-calling, and tattling has taken it’s tole on you. You want more than anything to have a peaceful home and for the children to get along so that you are not constantly drawn into their fighting. It may be affecting your relationship with your spouse and you may have different ideas (or no ideas!) for how to handle it. Or perhaps you are an adult and struggling with your own relationship with your brother or sister.

Sibling conflict is a very common problem among many families. Many people say, “They will just grow out of it.” or “Hang in there, it will get better.” We do not believe in the “wait and see” approach. So many times the conflict between the children permanently affects the marriage or may continue into adulthood when you wish your children would watch out for or take care of each other when you are gone.

We can help! With empirically proven strategies for improving the relationship between siblings, you will see dramatically reduced fighting, less rivalry, and a more loving/caring connection. The first step is to schedule an initial consultation appointment for parents or adults only. Through a series of questions, we will determine the best approach for improving the sibling relationship. Behavioral treatment is often short-term and highly effective.

Siblings are our speciality! We have clinically proven short-term techniques that have worked for decades to improve and strengthen the relationship between siblings.