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Learning Disabilities

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If you or your child is struggling in school, it may be because of an undiagnosed learning disability. The brain is a very complicated system with many processes (memory, attention, verbal and nonverbal language systems, etc.). A weakness or breakdown in one of these processes can cause difficulties. It is easy for all of us to see a broken leg making it difficult for a person to walk. However, we can't "see" what is happening in the brain that may be contributing to struggles. Instead, we may use terms like "lazy" or "unmotivated" without understanding the full picture.
Neuropsychological/educational testing will help us to determine if you or your child has a learning disability such as Dyslexia, Mathematics Disorder, Disorder of Written Expression or perhaps there is an underlying, "hidden" processing weakness that may be contributing to the struggles in school. Even if the school has already completed an evaluation and said there is not problem, it does not mean that you or your child do not have a learning disability. The schools testing is simply used to determine if criteria is met for school-based services, not necessarily if you or your child have a learning disability.
Once we can identify exactly what is going on through this comprehensive evaluation process, our expert Fully Licensed Clinical Psychologists provide an individualized “road map” of practical solutions to help you, your child or teen reach their highest potential. If you follow the road map we design using the data from the evaluation, grades improve, self-esteem and self-confidence improves, motivation toward school, learning and/or work improves, and relationships improve.