Child Depression

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Child Depression

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If you have noticed changes in your child’s mood and behavior such as becoming more withdrawn, sullen, angry or agitated, crying more than usual, low energy, decreased interest in things they used to enjoy, and/or appetite or sleep changes, your child may be suffering from depression. Depression in children can come on gradually over time or can be triggered by an event such as the loss of a loved one, change in schools, academic or social difficulties, or parental divorce.

If your child says they think they may be depressed and are asking for help, please call us immediately and we will get you in as soon as possible. Timing is crucial with children, waiting to get help if they are asking can be dangerous and lead to long term problems. If you think your child may be depressed or if depression runs in your family, please schedule an initial consultation appointment with one of our child psychologists. We will help you to know if this is normal childhood behavior or if it something to be more concerned about. Depression in children can lead to future alcohol or drug use, school failure, cutting or self harm, and suicide. Early intervention is crucial.

We specialize in the most empirically-established treatment for childhood depression called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). We will work with your child in a comfortable/play-like setting to first figure out what the source of their depression is and then teach them skills to manage their feelings. You as the parents will be also be provided with instruction on what to do outside of the sessions to help your child. Treatment is usually short-term and very effective.