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Corporate and Business Team Building Program

Have you thought about doing a team building workshop with your employees to help build a stronger bond with your team, enhance communication, and boost morale? Are you looking for something different to do with your friends or family to build trust and improve relationships? Maybe you are struggling in your group of friends, coworkers, or leadership group to get along, and you need help with leadership skills and social cues.

At Honeycomb Equestrian in Howell, Michigan, in a private unique setting, you will have the opportunity to engage in leadership and social skill-building with your group through participating in active team building, equine-assisted learning activities. Our specially trained clinical psychologists will custom design a session that meets the needs of your team in a fun, engaging and interactive way.

Why use Horses for Personal Development and Learning?

  • Emotional and Social Skills: Interacting with horses can help individuals develop emotional intelligence, empathy, and social skills. Horses are highly perceptive animals and can mirror human emotions, providing valuable feedback on non-verbal communication and emotional states.
  • Leadership and Communication: Working with horses requires clear communication and assertiveness. They respond to confident and consistent leadership, which can help individuals develop effective communication skills, assertiveness, and leadership qualities.
  • Trust and Confidence Building: Establishing a bond of trust with a horse can boost self-confidence and self-esteem. Horses are sensitive to their environment and can sense genuine intentions, encouraging individuals to be authentic, patient, and consistent in their actions. They can’t be bullied into a partnership, and they are never too polite to tell you how they really feel!
  • Emotional Regulation and Stress Relief: Being around horses and engaging in activities like grooming can have a calming effect on individuals. Interacting with these gentle animals can help reduce stress, promote emotional regulation, and improve overall well-being.
  • Personal Growth and Empowerment: Working with horses challenges individuals to step out of their comfort zones, overcome fears, and develop problem-solving skills. It can be a transformative experience that promotes personal growth, empowerment, and resilience.
  • Mindfulness and Presence: Horses live in the present moment and can teach individuals to be mindful and fully present. Engaging in activities with horses requires focus, awareness, and the ability to adapt to the present situation.

Equine Team Building


Our Equine Team Building Leadership Program Promotes:

  • More effective verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Greater awareness of subtle cues in yourself and others
  • Improved confidence to influence and motivate others by working toward a shared goal
  • Building a good trusting relationship with your team
  • Improved critical thinking

Key Benefits for Businesses:

  • Investing in your employees can also build a positive reputation for your company. The American Psychological Association (APA) found in a report that as many as 89% of employees who benefited from “well-being initiatives” were willing to “recommend their company as a good place to work.”
  • According to the APA “Work in America Survey” 92% of workers said it is important to them to work for an organization that values their emotional and psychological well-being. Happy, successful employees contribute to a positive workplace atmosphere, which in turn translates into quality work and happy customers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I have no prior experience with horses?

There will be a short safety briefing at the beginning of your session during which the psychologist will help you understand how to interact with the horses safely. All team-building activities take place on the ground while interacting with the horses. Our program requires no riding. Our certified equine-trained clinical psychologists supervise all activities.

What if someone has a fear of working with horses?

It is not uncommon for a participant to have anxiety or fear when it comes to working with horses. Some have never been around them, and others may have had a past experience that was scary. We work with clients to understand and grasp the whole experience, and how to gain their power and choice, while their fears or concerns are present. This, in itself, stretches leadership capabilities. Safety precautions are thoroughly reviewed and our clinicians ensure participants are comfortable with the activities. Everyone always has a choice and learning is never forced. We honor both our humans and our horses to bring out the best in both and create a setting that is both fun and enjoyable.

Who are the target audiences?

Our team-building program provides benefits to people from all walks of life! The activities are designed for any group who wishes to strengthen relationships in a positive way or create stronger interpersonal skills. Please remember this is not an exhaustive list. Please contact us if your group is not listed!

  • Leadership teams
  • Corporate teams
  • Office staff
  • Youth groups
  • Sports teams
  • Business Teams
  • Families
  • School groups


  • Groups should be between 6 and 20 people.
  • Must be able-bodied (able to walk independently), capable of maintaining balance on uneven footing, and verbal.
  • Participants will be exposed to allergens including horses, cats, hay, and dust (gloves/masks are welcome, but not provided).
  • Must wear close-toed shoes and appropriate outerwear for the temperature (will be in indoor arena during winter, but will still be cold).

How long are the sessions/When?

Sessions are 2 hours long and are scheduled on Thursdays once a month 10am to 12pm

  • 15-minute safety presentation
  • 90 minutes of team-building, including processing activities
  • 15-minute wrap-up


  • 6-10 people: $1000
  • 11-15 people: $1500
  • 16-20 people: $2000


Honeycomb Equestrian (privately-owned barn) - Howell, Michigan

How to Schedule:

If you are interested in more information or scheduling a team building session for your group please contact McCaskill Family Services at 734-416-9098 or email at

Horses offer unique opportunities for human learning and development by promoting emotional and social skills, leadership qualities, trust-building, stress relief, personal growth, and mindfulness. Their intuitive nature and non-judgmental presence make them effective partners for personal and professional development.

Horses offer unique opportunities for human learning and development by promoting emotional and social skills, leadership qualities, trust-building, stress relief, personal growth, and mindfulness. Their intuitive nature and non-judgmental presence make them effective partners for personal and professional development.