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“Kind,” “caring,” “well-respected,” and “treatment plans that really work”- these are just a few of the kind words our clients have spoken about us.

We are so blessed to be able to help families and individuals in their time of need and appreciate the kind words that have been said about our amazing team

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Recently I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Pam McCaskill, a well-respected Clinical Psychologist and owner of McCaskill Family Services. She told me her amazing and touching story about why she started her business. Her passion is helping others and improving the lives of everyone in the family. She wants to be certain people obtain the correct assessment and treatment. After speaking with her, I feel very confident in recommending her business as she truly cares about you and your family. Kirt
McCaskill Family Services provides EXCELLENT care to the families they work with. I have personally referred people to both their Plymouth and Brighton locations. I know when someone asks me, if I know of a good therapist to recommend for their loved one. The first thing I say is, "Have you given McCaskill Family Services a call?" I trust them and I know they will have someone on their staff who will be able to help them. - Rachelle Vartanian - Director/Owner Living & Learning, LLC. Rachelle
We have been treated through McCaskill Family Services for a number of years. The office assisted us in preparing an IEP and has provided individual counseling. Dr. Pamela McCaskill has a gift. She has supported us through thick and thin, in times of crisis and calm. She is always available when we need her, and really makes our family feel better when we are struggling. We completely recommend McCaskill Family Services to anyone! Judith
McCaskill Family Services has exceeded my expectations. The office staff are caring, personable and more than willing to help. The group is committed to bringing in the most current treatment modalities that have been supported with research. The practice is involved in many outreach programs therefore making themselves accessible to individuals outside in the community. I highly recommend McCaskill Family Services. Nancy
Highly recommend this practice! Honest caring and dedicated. Extremely professional and individualized approach. Totally worth every penny and then some! Fred
I highly recommend this amazing group of professionals. From the very first phone call you are treated with kindness, caring, and an all-around warm feeling. The non-judgmental, private way they helped me and my family no doubt solidified I made the absolute right choice. They are knowledgeable, use research-based techniques, and use individualized treatment plans that truly work! There were moments that we felt lost as to how to handle situations and they guided me and my family on a path that made us all feel respected, not alone, and actually made us feel 'normal'! With their genuine concern and dedication to helping us, we are on a path that feels successful and stronger. Their plans work- hands down! If you have been hesitant to call-- don't anymore. You will be so happy you made that first call. Having these professionals accessible in our community, that came highly recommended to us as well, is a huge plus. My family is happier, healthier, and I attribute it to the 'partnership' we formed with McCaskill Family Services! Thank you for helping us, being available, and making us feel not so alone! Kimberly
Amazing practice! They have made a big impact on our family's life! Dawna
The well-trained psychologists at McCaskill Family Services provide excellent services to children and families. I confidently refer to this group given their use of evidence-based therapeutic and assessment procedures. Jennifer
Kind, caring, compassionate, very knowledgeable and professional!! Rebecca
I highly recommend McCaskill Family Services as outstanding psychologists and therapists. I have found them to be both extremely knowledgeable and professional as well as warm and compassionate. They use a highly individualized and respectful approach to their assessments for learning disabilities, ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, etc.. The detailed "road map" that they provide allows you to know with confidence how best to help your child reach their fullest potential. Christine
My son was tested and diagnosed here. It opened up his world. He now has a plan on how he can learn better just by knowing how he learns. I highly recommend getting help here. Christine
Dr. Pam McCaskill has spoken at the Parent Academy sessions twice now since it's inception 1 year ago through PCCS. She is knowledgeable, personable, and dedicated. She has not only given our attendees much valuable information, but has given me some tools and verbiage to use with my own children. Bridget
My son was struggling in 8th grade and the school did testing on him and said that he was ok. My “mom gut” kept telling me that something was wrong. Homework was always a battle. Our whole family seemed to be revolving around him and his meltdowns. My friend recommended that we get a second evaluation through McCaskill Family Services. My husband was hesitant because of the out of pocket cost and felt that if our son just put more effort into school, the problem would be solved. Thank goodness I followed my maternal instinct and went through with the testing! He was diagnosed with Dyslexia and a visual motor processing weakness and we had no idea how hard he had been struggling with this all these years since his grades were ok. We followed the plan that was very clearly laid out following the testing and my son is excelling!!! There are no more battles to get homework done and, although he still doesn’t love school, he is way more cooperative about going and is even talking about college! Thank you, McCaskill Family Services! You truly saved my son and my family! Laura
Prior to coming to see Emily at McCaskill Family Services, I went to 3 different therapists in my insurance network. My daughter was struggling, my marriage was failing. Truc at McCaskill Family Services is simply amazing! She easily connected with my daughter and things started to improve. My husband and I began marital therapy with Emily, also at McCaskill Family Services, and Emily and Truc worked closely together to bring our family to a much better place! We are happy, our daughter is excelling and we could not be happier with the care we received at their office. Thank you! Karen
This is a very caring and gifted group of psychologists! Douglas
My mom brought me in to see you. I didn’t want to come. No one knew this, but I was planning to kill myself because I felt so alone and no one seemed to understand. You seemed to understand more about me in my first meeting with you than anyone ever had. I continued to come to see you weekly, at first because my mom made me, but then I started looking forward to our sessions. I am so much better now. I want to live. I want to finish school. You saved my life and I thought you should know. Anonymous letter we received at our McCaskill Family Services office
My wife and I seemed to have a great marriage until the kids came along. We have 3 children who were constantly testing the limits and challenging us. Nothing seemed easy. Our pediatrician recommended behavioral therapy at McCaskill Family Services. We had nothing to lose so we gave it a try. Jaclyn listened to us and incorporated each of our styles into a plan that really worked! She gave us direct instruction in parenting strategies and our children began to listen to us the first time we asked! But most importantly, our family is happier, I am happier. We continue to see Jaclyn once a month for advice and support as our children are growing up. Finding McCaskill Family Services has been a game changer for our family. Thank you! David
For some reason, I thought McCaskill Family Services was a practice for children. I saw Dr. Ellen Koch on Good Morning America when she demonstrated how she treated someone with a fear of heights. I had struggled with my anxiety my whole life and it was preventing me from flying to see my new granddaughter. I called McCaskill Family Services and after only a few sessions my anxiety decreased and I just recently got on a plane to visit my granddaughter. I cannot thank Dr. Koch and the team at MFS enough for giving me my freedom back. I only wish I had done this when I was a child or young adult. Thank you! Tom