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About Us
McCaskill Family Services' team of professionals in Brighton, Michigan

Individual, Family, and Group Therapy in Brighton and Plymouth, MI.

The McCaskill Family Services mission is to use our unique, comprehensive assessment and evidence-based therapy approach to help as many families and individuals as possible.

Our goal is to not miss anything and get it right for each and every person. With individual, family, and group therapy; webinars, community seminars, and classes; we help people navigate their road to success and change their lives one smile, one high-five, one success at a time.

We are out-of-network with insurance companies; however we are a recognized out-of-network provider with BSBS of Michigan. Patients are expected to pay at the time of service. Receipts are provided so patients can submit them to their insurance company for possible reimbursement.

Meet The Team

Our Story.

Like many successful businesses, McCaskill Family Services was originally started by a single person. In this case, the person was Dr. Pam McCaskill, Ph.D. Since she always loved working with children and teens, and found that she could connect with them easily, she was working toward becoming a Pediatrician. However, Dr. Pam was not completely satisfied with that direction for her career and, with a sense of newfound purpose, switched over to becoming a psychologist with a specialty in Pediatric Psychology and Child Development. And so McCaskill Family Services was born in 1997. A small private practice working with children, adolescents and their parents to solve behavioral, emotional and learning problems, amongst other things.

The practice took off, and Dr. Pam soon realized that there were plenty of adults who needed her help, too. Often, they were parents of the children she was treating and, since she was also trained in adult therapy, she began treating them as well. Word spread and adults and couples began calling on their own to make appointments for themselves and their relationships. In short order, she found that there just wasn’t enough Dr. Pam to go around. She was also discovering that many of the children brought into the practice or referred to her had been misdiagnosed. For example, many children were diagnosed with ADHD, but really had learning disabilities or processing problems that were never discovered and therefore weren’t being treated. This realization helped shape a new way forward for McCaskill Family Services. They would be the ones with a mission to get it right, every time.

In the spirit of family, Dr. Pam’s husband, Dr. John, decided to leave his job as a pediatric psychologist on the medical staff at a major hospital to join her at the practice. Prior to meeting Pam in graduate school, John originally was pursuing a career in mechanical engineering, and then law school, and Dr. John also had switched paths. Realizing that he liked people much more than mechanical things, he went into clinical psychology instead. But it was to be his training in scientific methods and practices that would help develop the foundation for the unique, comprehensive approach McCaskill Family Services developed to not miss anything and “get it right.” It was time to expand and they brought highly-recommended Emily Kavanagh, M.S., LLP aboard to help make it happen.

Today, McCaskill Family Services is thriving. Emily and the original crew are still with the practice, along with fourteen other highly-regarded professionals with the same background and training. They specialize in ADHD, Dyslexia, Anxiety and Depression, and offer many more services as well. They teamed with Honeycomb Equestrian and Dr. Nicole Wozniak to offer Equine Therapy for groups and individuals who may not respond optimally to "in-office" therapy.  Their newest Eating Disorder Treatment and Recovery Program led by Kristie Wyler, MA offers a multi-disciplinary team of physicians, nurses, dietitians and psychologists.  More importantly, their extended family of clients is thriving, too. Working together, and incorporating Dr. John’s knowledge of Scientific Method, they have become the only family services practice that merges neuropsychological assessment with evidence-based treatment for all ages. It is a comprehensive, whole-lifestyle developmental approach that is unique. A sort of “GPS for life” to help people navigate their own individual roads to success. It’s an approach that goes beyond the office to include Assistive Technology training and expert assistance and advocacy in the school systems, to help parents understand the complex legal and regulatory maze associated with getting IEP and 504 assistances for their children. In the spirit of their mission and with passion and purpose, they are “getting it right” and helping people of all ages realize their full potential – changing lives one smile, one high-five, one success at a time.

The McCaskill Difference:
  • Fully Licensed Psychologists
  • Neuropsychological Testing
  • 125 Years of Combined Experience

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At McCaskill, We're One Big Happy Family