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Healthy Relationship Group For Teens

Every person deserves to be treated with respect and experience healthy romantic relationships. Unfortunately, teenagers are particularly vulnerable to experiencing unhealthy relationships, and even forms of partner abuse, as they begin dating. These relationship experiences can often be hard to recognize when they are happening. By participating in our healthy relationship skills group, your teen can increase their awareness of healthy vs. unhealthy relationship behaviors, learn how to identify different forms of relationship abuse, and practice effective communication and conflict management skills- all of which have been demonstrated through research to prevent and reduce teen dating violence. This group uses an evidence -based approach to help your teen learn the skills necessary to have healthy romantic relationships.

This Program Strives To

Raise Teen's Awareness of what constitutes healthy, consensual relationships and abusive dating relationships.

Raise Teen's Awareness of dating abuse and its causes an d consequences.

Equip teens with skills and resources to help themselves or friends in abusive dating relationships.

Equip teens with skills to increase their understanding of consent a nd to develop healthy dating relationships, including positive communication, anger management, and conflict resolution .

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