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Family Therapy

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Your family is struggling to get along and/or your situation is not at all what you imagined it to be. Parental conflict/separation/divorce has caused the foundation of your family to weaken or the kids just can't seem to get along. Differences in parenting styles with your partner are causing tension and frustration in the home. Perhaps you are struggling with communication and caring for your elderly parent(s). Each day you try to improve your situation, but each night you go to bed exhausted and hopeless that things will ever get fact, you see them worsening by the minute and wonder where things are headed or if you can even get through it.

Family therapy could be the solution to the struggles your family faces. At the initial consultation appointment, our expert clinician will listen to your concerns and, through a series of questions, will determine if family therapy is a modality that can work to improve your situation. We may meet individually with each member of the family in order to determine the most effective, solution-focused treatment. We get excellent results with family therapy and not all members of the family have to be willingly on board in order for us to improve your situation. Even one person making a change forces others to change as a result. If you keep doing the same things that you have always done, you will keep getting the same results you have always gotten. Through our empirically proven family treatments, which offer practical advice and direct solutions, we will help you to make changes to get positive results.

Family therapy is at the core of McCaskill Family Services. For decades, our doctors have built our practice with a primary goal in improve the functioning of the family system through empirically validated treatment approaches that get results.