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If your child is showing signs of perfectionism that are causing them to spend excessive hours on schoolwork, constant erasing and redoing assignments or having difficulty prioritizing tasks and “cutting corners”, they may need professional help. Perfectionism is a behavior that reduces the anxiety some children feel if they do not thoroughly complete a task in a detailed way. Perfectionism does not necessarily apply to every aspect of your child’s life. For example, your child’s room may be a mess and you wish they would put some of their perfectionistic energy into cleaning.

In children, anxiety and resulting perfectionism, often manifests itself as meltdowns, irritability, agitation, defiance, anger, or sleep difficulties. We understand that watching your child struggle with stress and anxiety can be very difficult. Your child may be resisting your attempts to help him/her or may be requiring constant reassurance through excessive questioning and self-doubt. You may be concerned that their perfectionistic tendencies may be preventing them from living a balanced life with friends and extracurricular activities.

We specialize in anxiety and, after a brief consultation, we will be able to tell you if the perfectionistic tendencies your child is exhibiting are something that will pass as a normal stage of development or if it something more serious that can cause further difficulties if not treated. We specialize in the most empirically effective treatment for anxiety known as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Through our extensive training and experience using this treatment approach, you and your child will learn strategies in a caring, supportive environment to effectively manage their perfectionism and you, as the parent, will know exactly what to do to help your child.