School refusal

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School refusal

If your child is refusing to go to school, there may be an underlying reason such as a learning disability, bullying or problems with a teacher. Your child, who was once happy and enger to go to school, has become increasingly frustrated, defiant, and oppositional. It begins to negatively affect your relationship with your child because you are constantly in the role of “school enforcer” and they grow to resent you.

We know your struggle and we can help you and your child. Going to school is the law, so you need a plan for how to get them there willingly to avoid being accused of parental neglect and getting into legal trouble. We have been working with children who refuse to go to school in every grade for over 25 years. We have developed a comprehensive intervention approach that really works to get them back to school. The sooner we get this plan in place, then better. Do not wait to schedule that initial consultation appointment so that we can discuss your situation and begin to develop your road map of success.