Social Problems

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Social Problems

Many children struggle with socializing and making friends. They may find it hard to know what to say and find that it is easier to avoid interacting with peers or stand on the sidelines as a silent observer. Your child watches other children laughing, telling jokes, and coming up with the perfect punch line to draw in people’s attention, but when they try to contribute to the conversation, their comments may be ignored or perhaps not even heard.

Some children are born with weaknesses in the area of social communication which creates anxiety is social situations. The anxiety further shuts down an already weak system. Social skills training is very effective at targeting those weaknesses. In combination with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for the anxiety component, your child will find socializing with others to be easier and more natural. They will make more friends and communication with adults will improve. Therapy is usually short-term and success happens rather quickly.