Social Anxiety

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Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is the fear of interacting with other people leading your teenager to feel self-consciousness in social situations. Your teen may feel as though they are being negatively judged and evaluated or that people are talking about them behind their back. These feeling are actually common to almost all adolescents during this difficult phase of life However, teens who suffer from social anxiety or social phobias feel excessively embarrassed, inferior, inadequate, humiliated, lonely and depressed. They often avoid or withdraw from social situations when if fact they want more than anything to be able to socialize with their peers and fit in.

As alone as your teen may feel when suffering from this condition, please tell them they are definitely not alone. Social anxiety is very common and we can help. By using empirically validated treatment approaches such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, and mindfulness approaches, your teen’s anxiety reduces in social situations. As a result, they become more relaxed and confident. They will find that they are able to speak to others just as well as they do when talking to a close family member or friend. Their relationships will improve and they will feel happier and content. The skills they learn through therapy now will follow them into adulthood so that they can continue to be comfortable in future social situations.