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As a parent of a teenager living with migraines, you know the struggle well. It is so hard to see your child continuously suffer with seemingly no end in sight. Migraines often come on suddenly and interrupt their daily functioning. Pain medications are only minimally effective at times and you hate to give your child narcotics to manage their pain in fear of addiction. Teens living with migraines often experience depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, social withdrawal, and school difficulties due to chronic pain.

There are many teens with chronic migraines who live happy, well-balanced lives. Individual psychotherapy is a necessary component to give you and your teen the support you need from people like us who understand your struggles. Our doctors have received advanced specialized training in medical psychology at University of Florida/Shands Hospital, one the leading medical centers for pain disorders. We use Cognitive-Behavioral and Mindfullness techniques to teach your teen effective strategies to manage his/her migraine pain and associated depression and anxiety. We will help your child to the life they deserve.