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Why is it so difficult to lose weight and keep it off? Your teenager is a successful, strong, motivated person yet time and time again their attempts at losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight have failed. Diet after diet…your teen knows them all at this point and have probably tried most. Weight Watchers, Adkins, South Beach, Paleo and the list continues.

The reason over 75% of people trying to lose weight are not successful is because a key part of of any behavioral change, including weight loss, is that we believe we have more control over our behavior than we really do. Stress, depression, anxiety and addiction take control of our actions in a very powerful way. Your teenager is not an unmotivated, lazy person. Our behavioral psychologists have helped 100s of teenagers lose weight and keep it off by treating the core brain components preventing them from losing weight and keeping it off. However, if your teenager is resistant to coming in to meet with one of our teen therapists, we suggest that you come in for an appointment so that we can best guide you on how to approach this subject with your teen at this sensitive, vulnerable age.