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Most Effective Stress Management Strategies
Most Effective Stress Management Strategies | McCaskill Family Services - StressManagment

Stress Management Webinars from the Psychologists at McCaskill Family Services.

Taught by Dr. Nicole Wozniak, Fully Licensed Clinical Psychologist

As adults, we are often expected to have it all together. We are expected to manage our families, jobs, financial situation, and many other stressors, while dealing with our own stress and anxiety at the same time. The pressures associated with social distancing, coupled with feeling isolated, is causing many people to struggle through everyday tasks. What many people don't know is that there are many quick, easy, and practical strategies that can help. Join us for this webinar focusing on managing your stress during this unprecedented time. Tips and techniques will be shared for how to effectively cope and manage emotions so that you can make the best out of each and every day. Feel free to log-in with or without video, join in the discussion or just listen from the comfort of your own home. We are here to help!

We are offering this webinar at very low cost at this time ($230.00 savings!):
Pre-recorded webinar: Cost: $10.00
*This session is usually $250.00 as it is directly taught by our Stress Management/Mindfulness Expert and Fully Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Nicole Wozniak.

Please call our office at (734) 416-9098 or email to register now. Adults only. Registration is on a first come basis.

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