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Autism Testing In Plymouth, MI

With the wide range of symptoms and severities constituting Autism Spectrum Disorder, it can be challenging to diagnose. The most accurate way to assess for Autism is by participating in a thorough neuropsychological evaluation that utilizes empirically supported measures such as the ADOS-2 (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule). Since Autism is highly comorbid and shares overlapping symptoms with other diagnoses such as ADHD, anxiety and communication disorders, meeting with a professional at McCaskill Family Services can help you to better understand the root cause of troubling symptoms, while providing you with a road map for next steps and ongoing care.

Autism Symptoms Commonly Include:
  • Communication difficulties
  • Trouble recognizing and interpreting non-verbal cues (facial expressions, nuances)
  • Difficulty maintaining relationships
  • Repetitive or stereotyped movements, speech, or patterns
  • Instance on sameness, struggling with flexibility
  • High fixated interests
  • Sensory sensitivities

An accurate diagnoses leads to ongoing support

Individuals diagnosed with Autism often require ongoing support throughout their lifetime. A comprehensive evaluations makes it possible for individuals to receive the following:

  • Academic 504/IEP plans for in-school supports or special placement
  • State disability resources
  • Referrals as a candidate for ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) therapy
  • Social skills groups/therapy