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Thoughts from Hannah Burgol, Front Office Secretary, McCaskill Family Services


By Hannah Burgol

Ever since I was young I knew I wanted to work in a setting that was helping people in some way.

Throughout my childhood leading into adulthood, the healthcare field was where I felt I belonged given the time I had spent in the hospital watching a family member battle leukemia. Those years led me to where I am now, pursuing a career in nursing. When I am talking to a potential new patient on the phone at the office, my job is to provide comfort, compassion, and understanding to parents seeking care for their child or the adult seeking counseling for themselves. These components of communication also intertwine with my role as a nursing student, friend, and daughter. No one enjoys talking to someone who doesn’t seem interested or present within the moment. I aim to guide the patient to the best-fit psychologist who can help treat their individual needs. Working in the front office, we are essentially the first line of care. Therapeutic communication is key. Working with patients through email and on the phone and the approach I take can make all the difference. Being in nursing school and working at McCaskill Family Services, I have become more skillful and aware with interpersonal communication and technique. 

I have worked at McCaskill Family Services for well over a year and I can tell you that these psychologists are the best!  They seriously care about each and every person who walks in the door.  I see people of all ages come in for their first appointment who look overwhelmed, sad, nervous, defeated.  Within a few weeks, I see happiness, calm, peace and confidence.  Do not hesitate to give me a call and I will help you get an appointment with a “just right” psychologist for you and/or your child.

Hannah Burgol
Front Office Secretary
McCaskill Family Services
Plymouth: 734-416-9098
Brighton: 810-224-1676