Aiden Zamzow, M.A., TLLP

Aiden Zamzow, M.A., TLLP

Aiden Zamzow, M.A., TLLP - McCaskill Family Services - 249088_25554-4_0x5_0-01-AAiden received his Bachelor’s degree from Siena Heights University, double majoring in Psychology and Religious Studies, and he went on to obtain his Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Wayne State University.

Prior to joining McCaskill Family Services, Aiden worked at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan with adolescents/young adult patients and their families in individual and group settings. Aiden has extensive experience in working with LGBTQ+ adolescents through Wayne State University’s Department of Education.

He uses an eclectic approach to therapy that acknowledges and respects individual differences while responding to what the clients most urgent needs are. Because of this, Aiden draws from a variety of theoretic orientations such as existentialism, rational emotive behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and motivational interviewing. Aiden has a calm, easy going attitude. This, combined with his expertise in empirically validated treatment, makes him an outstanding clinician who is very easy to talk to.

Aiden has a solid background working with adolescents and young adults struggling with anxiety, depression, mood disorders, substance use, and self-esteem related concerns. He also has special interest and expertise in working with LGBTQ+ youth who may be navigating the unique questions of identity at any stage of development.

If requested, Aiden’s background in religious studies allows him to incorporate spirituality and religion into his counseling approach.