Beverly M. Griffor, JD, MBA, MS, TLLP

Beverly M. Griffor, JD, MBA, MS, TLLP - McCaskill Family Services - 249088_16932-8_0x10_0-47-ABeverly M. Griffor, JD, MBA, MS, TLLP is a Doctoral Candidate who focuses on the treatment and assessment of children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families.

She earned her Bachelors degree in Psychology and Sociology from The University of Michigan. She went on to obtain two Masters degrees in Psychology, one in Experimental Psychology from Eastern Michigan University and the other in Clinical Psychology from Fielding Graduate University. She completed a variety of pre-doctoral training experiences, including work in private assessment centers, out-patient clinics, and in hospital settings. Beverly is currently completing her doctoral training with McCaskill Family Services. In addition to her therapy experience, Beverly has spent over a decade working with families in crisis as an attorney. She is also an adjunct faculty member at Concordia University where she teaches a variety of courses including statistics, risk management, ethics, and family policy.

Beverly focuses on treatment for Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, and improving family relationships. She uses a wide array of evidence-based treatment approaches, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Systemic Therapy, and Mindfulness-based interventions. She also has experience conducting comprehensive psychological assessments which focus on providing accurate diagnoses and helpful recommendations for children with ADHD, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, and a variety of other presenting difficulties. Beverly is directly supervised by Drs. Pamela and John McCaskill.

Publications & Presentations:

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Trainings & Seminars

Working with Mental Health Problems in Family Mediation and Family Transition
Ann Arbor, Michigan
October 2019
Alternate Dispute Resolution Annual Conference

13th Symposium on Child Custody: Parent-Child Contact Difficulties, Child
Custody Evaluation
November 2018
Denver, Colorado
Association of Family and Conciliation Courts

Working with Disordered Personalities: Conflict Resolution & Goal Driven Activity
Ann Arbor, Michigan
May, 2017
Dispute Resolution Center & Family Mediation Council of Michigan

Developmental Assessment and Pediatric Neuropsychology
September 2016
Ventura, California
Fielding Graduate University - Neuropsychology

Child Abuse Evidence: New Perspectives from Law, Medicine, Psychology and Statistics
November 2015
Ann Arbor, Michigan
University of Michigan Law, School of Psychology, ISR and ADVANCE

Forensic Neuropsychological Assessments
September 2015
Ventura, California
Fielding Graduate University - Neuropsychology

Interdisciplinary Behavior Analysis and Working with Families
Ypsilanti, Michigan
February, 2014
Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan

Custody Evaluation in Practice
June 2014
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Washtenaw County Interdisciplinary Committee

The Complexities of Separation, Divorce, and Co-parenting
November 2013
Kansas City, Missouri
Association of Family & Conciliation Courts

29th Annual Symposium
April 2013
San Diego, California
American College of Forensic Psychology

Mental Health Representation, Guardian Ad Litem Training & Update
September 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, & 2019
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Washtenaw County Probate Court

Positive Psychology: Overview of Research, Theory, and Practice
October 2012
Columbus, Ohio
Ohio Psychological Association

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